Thursday, 20 September 2018

Move ya body animation

Kia ora this is my animation about move ya body.

This year we are learning to get fit and healthy. We are also getting fit by playing sports.
The sport I think is good to get fit is soccer. Soccer is good because it can make your legs stronger and your upper body healthy and fit. We are also learning to get fit by dancing so we can get our bones moving and strong. Soccer is a well known sport in the world and mostly brazil or Africa  plays it.

Friday, 24 August 2018

My holiday

Last holiday was super fun for me and my family.
I went with my brother,my 5 cousins,
my 2 auntys,
and my uncle and my mum.
My brother’s name is Leon he is 6 years old,
my cousin’s name’s are Siu,Ngapera,Mira,Kafu,
and Leylah.Siu is 9,Ngapera is 6 turning 7,
Mira is 4 turning 5,Kafu is 2
turning 3,
Leylah is 2.
So I went on a really big van for all 11 of us.
The first thing I did with my family was
go to the ASB Showgrounds.
It had rides inside just incase
it will not rain.

My mum had to pay for me and
my brother.If you pay $15 you get
this card with numbers on it and you are
only allowed to go on 12 rides.If you have
the card and go on one of the rides, they '
will tick of the ride’s you’ve been on.If
you pay $25 you get a green bracelet,
which means you can go on any ride.  

My Mum didn’t know that my cousin gave my brother  
an extra green bracelet because that was supposed to
be for Leylah but 3 years and under are free.

My brother
ran to my mum and showed her the bracelet
.So my mum
didn’t pay for him.

The first ride I went on was This military boot camp you
have to have a partner to race through the obstacle.
so I restored my brother Leon. So what's in the obstacle
as you might ask.So as you're starting,you have to jump
into 2
of the wholes. There is two ways that you have
to race your
partner.One way  for your partner and one way
for you. I don't
really remember anything because I'm not good at
remembering stuff. But all I remember is that there's
like tires you have to race through.What is cool about
it is like a bouncy castle, and it's really good because

I'm pretty sure they when anyone will hit there head on
accident,it won't her because they will just boun
ce off.
her to punch you head anywhere .The next ride I went on
was the pirate ship.I went with Ngapera and Mira
, I had to
give the people who work there my card so the
y can tick it
off,so that’s 2 rides gone.My cousins had to show them thei
r bracelets.When we got on it started to rock side by side.I
t wasn’t goin high because it is a childrens ride.Ngapera and
Mira were filled with butterflies in their tummies and plus t
hey were laughing so hard.

It wasn’t that hard as expected, I was the oldest and
I had to look after 3 of my cousin’s.Ngapera,Mira and
Leylah.But Leylah was with my aunty and my uncle at first
(which is her Parents).

The next ride I went on was the jump off.I know its a
weird na
me.The jump off has a metal plank you jump off from
and you
have to land on the target.When you jump at first it feels like
you have butterflies, and when you land,it feels so
and funny and it will take a while to get off.My third ride

Next I went to this big slide.You have to wait in
line until the other person comes back with a raggy
bag.The bag is for you to put your legs
into.Ngapera and I had a race down.BUT guess who
NGAPERA!!!!!.So she said if she “won” I had to
carry her on m
y back.Mira was not allowed to go on the jump
off and plus she was really sad.
Mira Went on the
slide but she didn't come with us
because we already on the
other ride, so my mum looked
after her while me and
Ngapera was on another ride.So
that is my third ride gone.

The next ride I went on was the cup ride.
This time I went with Leylah.Ngapera
and Mira both wanted to come with me
but the worker said
no because its to full and plus we have to
keep the level me and Leylah went
slow at first  and then kind of fast,and then it
went really fast. it wasn't actually that fast
because the rides were for children like 8
and under, the big
rides were like you know a
really really big
slide and stuff
like that, and yeah so that was
fast for Leylah
and I.Leylah
was having so much fun and plus
she was laughing hard out.
That is my fourth ride gone.

This next ride was just by myself,
but like where the jump off
ride was there was another
staircase leading up to a really big slide
I was talking about.
I asked my pet if you wanted to come but
she said it was too
scary for her so I just said “OK just wait for me
down until I get down”.My mum was with
us too while
she was looking after Mira.
so as I went
up the staircase
the worker who works there gave
me a bag it wasn't the
same Bag
I talk about before it's a different one.
There is velcro under
the bag and I had to put my
legs in that  the big pocket.
As I was ready to slide down
I saw the Height from up the up the
slide and it was really scary.
I didn't know if I wanted to do
it but there was no going
back,So I took a deep,deep
breath and I said
“I could do this” and off
I went.My hair was going up,
butterflies in my tummy,
and I was not screaming
but it was super fun.When I got that
I could see my auntie's,
uncle and my mum,and cousins
laughing at me.
I got down and I was laughing too.
I didn't know if I was the first person out
of my family to ride the slide.

So I asked my brother if he went on the
slide with my cousin, he said “yes”.

I think the other rides I went on this ride
was the best
scariest and the funnest one.

That is my fifth ride gone.Next was scary
my family could not believe it!!!!!!.

To Be Continued………………….