Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Once upon a time there lived a heartwarming girl named  Rosie,she just turned 11.She has
beautiful long,curly,black hair.Her eye
s were dark brown just like
chocolate cake,and she loved
sports.Siu,Ngapera,Mira and kafu
are brothers and sisters.Leon’s sister i
s Rosie,and Leylah is the youngest cousin.
Siu has short hair,brown eyes,and he has
a beautiful talent.Siu’s talent is to see the
future.Ngapera has golden hair an
d Mira has blonde
hair.They both are sisters and love to play
hide and seek.
Little do you know both sisters can blend i
n with objects
while playing hide and seek.Leon has a
sonibill haircut and he absolutely loves to
play shooting games.People don’t know that
Leon is a hacker and he always win’s all the
games.Leylah is Only 1 years old so she prefers  

nothing to play with.Leylah has lovely straight,black hair,an
d brown eyes.Leylah can read books even if she’s one years old!!!!.Rosie’s cousins and her brother planne
d to take her to the mountain to camp there.The l ovely girl Rosie
did not know such a thing.Siu was the one to plan
the birthday.He
told Rosie’s parents that he is planning the surprise.
Siu told  everyone to

while he is holding LeyLah.They waited
for Rosie to come back
from the shops.She opened the door,all
she heard was
silence,she softly cried “hello”no one answered
counted down. 3,2,1
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!.Everybody told her that they will
go to a beautiful place where the mountain is, she
cried with happ
y tears.When they got there all they wanted to do
is sleep.Rosie can’t
believe they are lucky to go on their  van with a
driver they hired
.Rosie’s mum and dad went along.But when they
got there Leon w
anted a scary story.Rosie told the story like this
.”once upon a
time there lived a hideous witch”.”she would catch
and guess what?.”leon replied“what”.”The
witch would turn them into unicorns!!!.”AHHHH”
cried Leon.Rosie’s mum
just told them to go to sleep.Rosie shouted
“we are going
to sleep good night”.Suddenly they heard sticks
crunching and saw a shadow!!
It looked like slenderman!!!!.
All of them were so scared that Rosie fainted.
Rosie was fainted for half and hour and wok
e up.
Rosie’s dad tried to wake Rosie up.Rosie’
s mum
told Siu to call the police to see who it
when the police came,the police claimed that it
]was just a dog with a long mannequin
with a gown
on it.
”Phew” remarked Rosie luckily nothing went wrong.
hugged everyone and happily cried and
replied”this is the
best birthday ever!!!.

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