Thursday, 25 August 2016

Ben Johnson

At the start of the race a lady said “Ben Johnson didn't look like a human because he had huge muscles and his big red eyes”.Ben Johnson was racing Carl Lewis in a 50 metre sprint.  Ben Johnson broke the world record.But something went wrong.Everyone was shocked!.

Ben Johnson cheated,he took drugs so he can ran faster.So he didn't win a medal Carl Lewis won it.Carl Lewis was proud of himself.

He had a punishment,his punishment was he couldn't compete in the Olympics ever again,and his other punishment was his medal got taken away.


Fencing was made Thousands and Thousands of years.The Persians and the Greeks play Fencing to practise sword fighting.To win a point in fencing you must strike the persons body.

Fencing was introduced to the Olympic Games in 1896. If you strike the person the green light goes on and if your opponent strikes you the red lights go on.

There are 3 kinds of swords,first there is the foil,the foil is long and light,the second is called the epee,the epee is short and heavy,and the last sword is called the saber,the saber is short and it is a cross section.

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