Tuesday, 5 December 2017

That really stinks!!!

Story Starter: That really stinks! WALT: write an imaginative story with a buddy. WALT: write sentences of different lengths. I am successful when: My buddy and I work together to finish this story. The problem in the story is sorted out. I use 5 different joining words from our list. I use “and then” only once in my story. Sam’s sister wasn’t going to believe that a huge toilet monster with three blood sucking tentacles took her smartphone. So Sam bravely went under the house and into the stinky sewerage pipe jungle. What happens next? Sam sees the blood suking tentacle monster on a crocodile,the crocodile is a taxi in the sewer so sam whistled then a crocodile came and sam got on it and he followed the blood suking monster.Sam saw the monster go into in his cave and he saw 5 other blood sucking monsters,so he is going to distract the monsters by making lots of fart noises.The monster herd him and they dropped the smartphone. He ran to the smartphone then he grabbed it and he ran to the end of the sewer.It was locked.He found a metal pole and wacked it open and jumped into the sea.Sam swam home but there was something wrong.The phone was wet.He had money in his bank account,he decided to buy his sister a new phone.He knew his sisters Icloud password and he logged in and got her photos back.But the problem was that he didn't know what the fart app was called.His sister had a lot of apps on her phone he could not remember.So he had to tell the truth to his sister but he knows his sister will still not believe that a blood sucking monster took her phone.So he took the blame.He went to his sister and he gave the phone to her.The sister said’’oh sam who’s phone is this’’sam said’’this is yours it was on your draw,sam’s sister says’’oh that is your phone I got it for you’’sam says’’THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!’’.Sam hugged his sister. THE END!!!

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