Friday, 9 February 2018

All About Me

Talofa lava,Malo lele My name is Rosiephine, I am a 10 year old.I am a year
6 at Pt England school. I have 3 Teachers in our space.There names are
Mr Goodwin,Mrs Parent,and Mrs Szymanik.
My culture is half Samoan and half Togan.I really enjoy hanging out with my
mum and dad,playing on my brothers xbox,helping my mum hang the
washing,doing the dishes,helping my mum clean,and most of all I like to
sleep all day long!!But I know sleeping all day is not helpful but it does
give you lots of rest.My favorite food is butter chicken,Macas,and homemade
food.My favorite dessert is ice cream and cupcakes.Why I like ice cream and
cupcakes and cupcakes is because it reminds me of me and my mum baking
cupcakes and eating ice cream,but its not just us two,its the whole family!!!.
The sports I like to play are soccer and rugby.I love to have the confidence
that makes me feel better to play more sports.I want to be a sporty person
that likes all kind of sports.I really want to try out netball because my mum
and dad encourage me to try netball so I really want to try it out.My brother
and I love to play tag and love to play hide and seek.When my cousins come
over Sometimes we play in the night time.What games we play are  hide and
seek tag,go home stay home 123,and handstand competition.My favorite
subject is maths.The reason why I like maths is because maths help me with
the time and helps me when I have really have hard questions from my parents
or teachers.

The really hard thing for me to learn is my fractions.Sometimes I know my
fractions then I forget quickly.My goal for this year is to try hard at my maths,
,and writing so I can prove to others that I am a good and smart a student at
Pt England School.
Thank you for visiting my blog and following my learning journey.  Please feel free to leave a positive comment.  

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