Thursday, 22 September 2016

Let's go Eels

At 9:00 in the morning,Pavilion went to Oamaru creek.Well half of Pavilion,The Oamaru creek is next to the YMCA pools.When we got there we saw the Greek,it was dirty and muddy.There was lots of rubbish around us,there was even rubbish  in the Greek!!.We walked and walked and walked to an opening that led  to a river.We all took a picture on a little grassy hill.

Later on we went to TusiTala.We talked a little about where the eels go when 25 or 30 years finish.Miss king told us females stay at New Zealand for 30 years and the males stay in New Zealand for 25 years,when 30 and 25 years finish,they go to the fiji  Basin,they lay there eggs and they die.It is really sad.

After that,we did some colouring and we played warm up games,then Robin came.Robin is the author of the book called lets go Eels!!.She is kind,funny,and a smart person like Miss king.She taught us some weird greetings,we shake there hands,poke tongues,and we raise our eyebrows.But it was cool and funny.Robin gave us matching cards.It was animal and sea animal matching cards and plants and trees matching cards.We played who am I? and memory.We had to have one group of four.The people that was in my group was Freedom,Caleb,Chance,and Me.When we finish playing,the bell rang,that means it is break time!!.

Later on,we were in the hall this time.There was a big parachute in front of us but we had to sit around it.This was the fun part,we all jump and we went inside the parachute and we sat on the edge of it.Then Robin gave us a fake eel ,and she gave a fake Trolley,and she gave us a parachute,but there was no more parachutes,so we used the big one.Robin said we have to write a Script and we had to make a plan  to save the eel.Freedom said we can blow up the cage, so we just went with that.

Then,Robin Pretended to be a stoat,we said she was a bear,but she said there was no bears in New Zealand,so we said she was a beaver,and she also said beavers don’t live in New Zealand,so we didn't know what to say next,She said she was a stoat,So we said “what is a stoat? she said “a stoat is like a bear but more skinny,and a stoat can eat mostly anything.So all of us had to make a plan to scare the stoat away,so we made a nice plan,Geo said we can say mean words,like,go away,we don't want you here,like those words.After that we drew pictures on this long piece of paper,Robin drew the long river that go’s out to sea.We drew sting rays,fish,Taniwha,and more,But my favourite part was working as a team and asking Robin questions.

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