Friday, 21 October 2016

Lost at USA.

One day a girl named Rose lived with her Mother, Father, Brother, Her Auntys, her Uncles and her Cousins.  The whole family lived at her house, even her grandparents.  It was a two story house that’s why they lived there.  There were seven rooms.  One for her nana and papa, one for her auntys and uncles, one for Rose, one for her parents and her brother, and one for her cousins. The other room was for playing.One night Rose stayed up with her cousins and her brother late,Her cousin,Andrew, said to Rose “oh Rose should we go to the fridge and go get some food” and Rose said”well I am hungry so let’s go!!”. But she told her other cousin,Akesa to stay with the little ones because they will make noise in the kitchen. So Akesa said “yes”. Then she stayed and played with the little ones.Rose, Andrew,John,Lia,Sia,and L.J,went to the fridge and got lot’s of food. They tiptoed upstairs and they ran in the room,They started eating and something bad happened,one of the little babies choked on a chip, all of them were so worried,that lia cried.One of her auntys woke up and saved the baby from joking, she said to Rose”come with me I want to talk to you”.she went with her aunty slowly downstairs and her aunty started to talk to her.She said to Rose”Rose you are the oldest you are supposted to look after all of them”Rose said”aunty you are right by now on I will look after all of them and try make them leadders when they grow up’’.Rose’s aunty giggles and ahe said “good girl Rose”.They hugged and they went to sleep. But wait, in the morning Rose woke up in the middle of USA!!!. She was scared and she was crying and crying and crying. She was hungry then she forgot she had money under her pillow.She walked in to one icecream shop and she brought her self a cookie and cream icecream.Rose went around and started asking people “do you know how to get back to New Zealand’’,And they all said “Sorry no”.She started to cry,but then she saw on her phone tracker that there is an airport not far from where she is.So she ran and ran and ran so fast that she was happy.She got there but,It was just an old  airport. She cried again and someone saw her crying, she came over and she said”what is the matter”she said.Rose said”i’m lost I don’t know how to get to the airport”Rose said,The lady said back to her “I will take you there”. Rose was happy.

So the lady drove her to the airport and Rose got out of the car and said “thank you so much’’And the lady said “you are welcome”.Rose said to the lady’’Oh I forgot to ask you,what is your name?’’The lady sad her name was “Lily”My name is Lily”Lily said to Rose.”Thank you so much Lily”and Lily said “it is ok”Rose ran into the airport,booked her a flight to New Zealand, and went back home.When she went inside the house everybody hugged her and Rose said”how did I get to USA?”Then no one said nothing, but Sia said” oh Aunty Zahara sent you there when you were asleep then everyone said “SIA!!” then Sia said”oops,sorry”Rose laughed and everybody laughed and everyone lived happily ever after.

                                   THE END!!!!

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